Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire
  • Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire
  • Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire
  • Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

New Energy Vehicle Enamelled Flat Aluminum Wire

  • Thickness:: 0.8-10.0mm
  • Width:: 2.0-25mm
  • Themal Class:: 240
  • Standard:: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS

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New Energy Vehicle Enamelled Flat Aluminum Wire

Production Process
Extrude & Draw Stretch the Thread Ultrasonic Clean
Panit Toast Spool

Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

Production Characteristics

  • 1, Range of production specifications: a=0.5~5.6, b=1.25~16mm, the maximum thickness of the paint film on both sides can be 0.35mm.

  • 2.The paint film has excellent uniformity and high reliability insulation. 

  • 3, The paint film has good flexibility and adhesion, which is suitable for coil forming processing.

  • 4, Magnet wire used in high-voltage drive motors has high PDIV value, super long corona resistance performance, and excellent oil resistance.

  • Insulation: ELANTAS

  • Intelligent on-line monitoring equipment

The Application Of New energy vehicle enamelled flat aluminum wire
Typical application include:
New energy battery pack/transformers/new energy vehicle drive motors/generators/inverters/aerospace motors/nuclear power motors

Plastic spool or wooden spool, flat(Rectangular)wire length are customizable;
The usual spool specifications : 
30kg/50kg Wooden Bobbin or according to customer requirements. 
About The Packing, We Can According To Customers' Requirement!


Test of Main technical:
The following is mian technical test;The set standards according to customers’ requirement. Besides,We Providing OEM,Please pay attention to that.

Item Requirement of the standards


Electrical resistivity 0.0172410/02785Ω mm²/m
Breakdown voltage 2a, 2b After bending, breakdown voltage ≥ 7500v (double layer/multilayer); breakdown voltage ≥ 5000v (single layer)
Heat shock 240 C insulation film no cracking
Softness Rebound≤4.5
Elongation ≥30%

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