Enameled Flat Copper Wire
  • Enameled Flat Copper Wire
  • Enameled Flat Copper Wire
  • Enameled Flat Copper Wire
  • Enameled Flat Copper Wire
  • Enameled Flat Copper Wire

Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire

  • DiameterRange (mm): a: 0.3-10.0mm b:1-22mm
  • Temperature Class (C): 155, 180, 200, 220
  • Standard: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
  • Color: natural color, red, blue, green and so on
  • UL NO: E345303
  • Package: 30kg/50kg, wooden bobbin and according to customer requirements

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Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire

Production Process
Extrude & Draw Stretch the Thread Ultrasonic Clean
Panit Toast Spool

Production Characteristics

  • 1.Our Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire has good solderable and colorability. And it reduce small under high frequency.

  • 2.Our Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire imports foreign technology and equipments cooperating with foreign experts and foreign companies.

  • 3. Our Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire has good radiation resistance, excellent chemical corrosion.

  • 4. Our Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire’s insulation layer and its copper paste firmly. It has good environment resistant and good stability.

  • Insulation: ELANTAS

  • Intelligent on-line monitoring equipment

The Application Of enameled flat(Rectangular) copper wire
Typical application include:
Dry transformers/Motors/Generators/Machine windings/Welding machines/Other windings

Plastic spool or wooden spool, flat(Rectangular) wire length are customizable;
The usual spool specifications :
30kg/50kg Wooden Bobbin or according to customer requirements.or according to customer requirement
About The Packing, We Can According To Customers' Requirement!
Test of Main technical
The following is mian technical test;The set standards according to customers’ requirement. Besides,We Providing OEM,Please pay attention to that.
Item Requirement of the standards


Electrical resistivity

0.017241/0.02785Ω mm²/m

Breakdown voltage over 1000/2000V
Heat shock The minimum Heat shock temperature 200/220/240℃
Resistance to solvents Standard solvent.Use a pencil of hardness”2H”the coating shall not be removed
Cut Through 320,360,400℃, 2mins not break down

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