Kapton Copper Wire
  • Kapton Copper Wire
  • Kapton Copper Wire
  • Kapton Copper Wire
  • Kapton Copper Wire

Kapton Copper Magnet Wire

  • DiameterRange (mm): Round:1.5-4.0mm Flat:a:1-5.6mm b: 3-16mm
  • Temperature Class (C): 240
  • Standard: UL,SGS,ROHS,ISO
  • Package: 50kg/100kg/150kg wooden spool

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Kapton Copper Magnet Wire

Production Process
Extrude & Draw Stretch the Thread Ultrasonic Clean
Panit Toast Spool


Size: round:1.5-4.0mm
          flat: a:1.0-5.6mm b:3-16mm
Thermal Class:240

Production Characteristics

  • 1. Our Kapton Copper Wire's machine is high-tech machine.

  • 2. Our Kapton Copper Wire adopts high-quality F46 Polyesterimide layer and finishs through high heat sintering.

  • 3. Our Kapton Copper Wire’s temperature can reach 290℃ and its voltage class can be 7200v.

  • 4. Our Kapton Copper Wire has good quality, good mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance.

  • 5. Our Kapton Copper Wire can be used in serious environment of motors.

The Application of Kapton copper wire
Typical application include:
Aerospace and submersible motors/High voltage coils/Wind turbines/Micro-electronics/other fields.

Plastic spool or wooden spool, flat wire length are customizable;
The usual spool specifications :
50kg/100kg/150kg wooden spool
About The Packing, We Can According To Customers' Requirement!
Test of Main technical
The following is mian technical test;
The set standards according to customers’ requirement.
Besides,We Providing OEM,Please pay attention to that.
Item Requirement of the standards


Electrical resistivity ≤0.017241Ω mm²/m
Breakdown voltage 7200V
Heat shock The minimum Heat shock temperature 175℃
Resistance to solvents Standard solvent.Use a pencil of hardness”2H”the coating shall not be removed
Cut Through 320℃, 2mins not break down

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