Paper Covered Copper Wire
  • Paper Covered Copper Wire
  • Paper Covered Copper Wire
  • Paper Covered Copper Wire
  • Paper Covered Copper Wire
  • Paper Covered Wire

Paper Covered Copper Wire

  • DiameterRange (mm): round:1.0-7.0mm flat:a:0.9-10mm b:3-35mm
  • Temperature Class (C): 90/105
  • Standard: UL,SGS,ROHS;ISO
  • Package: 30kg/50kg/150kg wooden spool or according to customer requirements.

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Paper Covered Copper Wire

Production Process
Extrude & Draw Stretch the Thread Ultrasonic Clean
Wind Envelop Spool

Production Characteristics

  • 1.Our Paper Covered Copper Wire has smooth surface and no defects.

  • 2.Paper Covered Copper Wire is a special kind of magnet wires. Its conductors is oxygen-free copper rods or electrical round aluminum rods which squeeze and draw by the certain size of mold. And its insulation is special material.

  • 3. Our Paper Covered Copper Wire uses two layers or several layers as the insulation layer. The wrapping direction of paper is same. And every layer paper twines conductors continually and compactly without wrinkles.

  • 4. Our company can provide different kinds of paper covered wire, such as NOMEX paper covered wire, cable paper covered wire and so on.

  • 5. Our Paper Covered Copper Wire has good heat resistance and good mechanical properties.

The Application Of paper coverd copper wire
Typical application include:
Oil-immersed transformers/ Reactors/ Other windings

Plastic spool or wooden spool, flat wire length are customizable;
The usual spool specifications :
30kg/50kg/150kg wooden spool, external coating moisture proof film. In order to ensure the paper covered wires’ flexibility and adhesion , the paper covered wire uses wooden packing. Between the line and the line, between the layers and between the line and the pan bottom is filled with protective paper.
About The Packing, We Can According To Customers' Requirement!
Test of Main technical
The following is mian technical test;
The set standards according to customers’ requirement.
Besides,We Providing OEM,Please pay attention to that.
Item Requirement of the standards


Electrical resistivity

O.017241/0.02785Ω mm²/m



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