End Ring
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End Ring

  • Thickness: 8~25mm
  • ID: on request
  • OD: max 600 diameter

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End Ring

Production Process
Copper panel Casting Cutting
Forging Rough Finished Ring

Production Characteristics

  • 1.Copper panel

  • 2.Casting

  • 3.Cutting

  • 4.Forging

  • 5.Rough and finished turning

  • 6.Finished End Ring

The Application of End Ring
Typical application include:
Oil field motor/Wind power motor/Locomotive motor/Electric car motor/High-speed train motor/Traction motor

Plywood case with Steel belt
Or as per customer special requirement on package
About The Packing, We Can According To Customers' Requirement!
Test of Main technical
The following is mian technical test;
1.Max defect should be less than 2mm when inspected by ultrasonic

2. Mechanical properties
(a)Tensile strength (Rm): Min 220MPa
(b)Yield strength (Rel): Min 170MPa (when 0.2% relatively deformation)
(c)Elongation (EA): Min 18%
(d)Hardness (Min): 80HBW
(e)Resistance(20°C): 0.0174-0.0177-4 Ω•cm

3. Forging as one without soldering

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