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Copper Foil (Copper Strip)

  • Thickness:: 0.1-4.0mm
  • Width:: 20-1500mm
  • Standard:: ASTM, EN13599, GB-T 18813-2002
  • Grade:: Cu-ETP/C-11000/E-Cu58

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Copper Foil (Copper Strip)

Production Process
Refine Smelt Clean
Extrude Roll Cut

Copper Strip

Production Characteristics

  • 1. Copper foil is the base copper thickness applied on outer and inner layers.

  • 2. The Copper Foil can be pre-attached by the laminate manufacturer to a base material core or it can be introduced in a multi layer board as copper foil before pressing.

  • 3. On inner layers the final copper thickness remains that of the base copper foil. On outer layers we deposit extra 20-30µm copper on the tracks during the galvanic process for plating through the holes.

  • 4. Our Copper Foil is easy to polish and its oxidation effect is very good.

  • 5. Our Copper Foil has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity.

The Application of aluminum foil
Typical application include:
Cable/ Fiber optic cable/ Transformers/ Heater/ Building/ Aerospace/ Automobile industry/ Other fields

Plastic spool or wooden spool, flat wire length are customizable;
The usual spool specifications :
EPE, kraft paper or according to customer requirement.
About The Packing, We Can According To Customers' Requirement!
The following is copper foil’s detailed specifications.
All of these we can provide according to customers’ requirement.


Copper Foil

1060, 1050

Temper Soft(O), Hard(H)
Thickness 0.1-4.0mm
Width 20-1500mm
I.D. Φ505mm, Φ305mm
Copper Coils

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