Difference between the Wire of Magnet Type and Enameled Type

The enameled type belongs to the magnet wire which is also called winding wire. The magnet wire is a kind of electric wire for making the coil or winding of the electrical machine, electrical appliance and electrotechnical instrument to achieve electromagnetic energy conversion. According to the material of the insulating layer, structure, thermal class and use purpose, it can be classified into enameled type, wrapped type, mineral insulated type and the special type.

a. Enameled Type
The conductive line core is coated with insulating paint. After the baking process, the paint film is formed to be the insulating layer. The ordinary enameled wire can be subdivided into the acetal type, polyester type, polyurethane type, epoxy type, polyester imide type, oily type, etc. The special enameled wire contains self-adhesive straight welding type, self-adhesive type, refrigerant resistant type, and more.

b. Wrapped Magnet Type
It is fabricated through wrapping the bare conductor or enameled wire with insulation paper, fiberglass, natural silk, synthetic filament or other kinds tightly to form the insulating layer. This kind of product covers the silk-covered type, fiberglass wrapped type, paper covered type, film wrapped type, etc.

c. Mineral Insulated Cable
It adopts the inorganic insulation materials such as the ceramic, glass film and oxidation film as the insulating layer.

d. Special Magnet Type
It is produced with the insulating structure and characteristics fit for use in special application needs such as medium and high frequency winding wire, polyethylene insulated nylon sheath winding for submersible motor, etc.

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