How to deal with equipment problems of magnet wire

Fiber glass covered wire and paper covered are both kinds of magnet wire. Because different development needs, fiber glass covered wire and paper covered wire are extended out for different sizes and different needs. But the key point is the manufacturing equipment of magnet wire. If there is a problem, it would not be carrying out production.So the maintenance of equipment must be fully understood.

First, the DC motor maintenance division should check the tightness of the screw cap, by diagonal sequence slide or without screw holes with or without an excessive phenomenon.If it has sweep bore phenomenon, it should be concentricity adjustment. If you can not to restore the original state, it would be replaced.

Second, the release load (belts, gears, etc.) and power supply tests determine that  whether it is made unbalanced load. And if so, adjust the load, and the DC motor shaft is parallel to the longitudinal direction.

Third, replace the cover bearing. If the bearing is in good condition, the bearing and motor repair coverage gap is normal.If the gap is too big, it need replace.

Fourth, check the stator winding resistance and insulation, and restore.

Fifth, determine whether the voltage balance, and tighten the bolt, loose inspection and power test

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